Organization of large-scale gambling events: InfoTarget, 5th edition

Organization of large-scale gambling events: InfoTarget, 5th edition

The skill of gambling events organizing: innovations – embodiment instead of observing, trends – creation instead of following. The way to the professional qualities steady development, even if many goals have already been achieved. Find out this and much more information in the fifth edition of InfoTarget.

The online gambling business magazine Login Casino is ready to present the fifth edition of its program InfoTarget. This time we are inviting you to have a look at the backstage of one of the biggest gambling event organizers in Russia and other countries – Smile-Expo.

Anna Lastovka, Head of Exhibition Activity at Smile-Expo, shared all the necessary information about the organization of events with panel discussions, conferences and exhibition areas.

What is the secret of a large company’s successful operation? What are the visitors interested in? Which topics are relevant for the gambling market in 2019 – find the answers in the fifth edition of InfoTarget.

But that is not all.

The 5th edition will also include the information about:

  • Successful work of more than two hundred employees in several countries. How is it possible to organize all that?
  • Surf’s up. The way to keep up with the latest trends of the volatile event management industry.
  • What is the difference in the communicative approach to working with visitors in Europe and in the CIS region?
  • Beliefs and superstitions about number "13" in Smile-Expo team.
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