Infographics: 10 functional methods of online casino promotion

Infographics: 10 functional methods of online casino promotion

To ensure high revenue from online gambling business, one needs to have a marketing plan and choose an appropriate strategy for online casino promotion. Here are ten best marketing ideas that help to start the work and attract customer attention to the website.

Infographics: 10 functional methods of online casino promotion

Specify the size of bets and amounts of winnings on the site

Potential customers of online casinos expect for transparent rules and clearly stated amounts. This refers to both the size of minimum bets (it should be affordable not to scare away players) and the maximum amount of winnings.

Do not forget about freebies and special offers

Special offers and free games are some of the most efficient offerings to attract customers. Players seek for opportunities to make more money with minimum of investments or to double their minimal winnings. This motivates players to try playing and stay on the platform.

Offer rewards for customer loyalty

To retain existing customers, casinos should be generous with bonuses. It is a good idea to build a system that would allow increasing winnings in case the user frequently plays on the website. Alternatively, one can incentivize loyal customers with free bets in roulette for activity.

Take part in affiliate marketing programs

Affiliates help to promote online casinos using banner advertising, blog posts with links to the gambling website. In return, they receive commission for every customer registered on the site. Affiliate programs are some of the most productive ways to attract the audience, as they bring benefits to both parties.

Set up your CRM system

This system accumulates and processes data about players, their interests, actions, winnings, and losses. Customer relationship management helps to optimize relations with customers, send emails, form the database, run advertising campaigns, and respond to user queries in time.

Publish recommendations and training courses for players

Qualitative content explaining how to play casino games helps to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. This may include newsletters with tips and special techniques, themed publications on your own blog, video lessons on YouTube containing a direct link to the online casino.

Introduce a bonus system for bringing new players

popular marketing technique of online casinos is to offer existing customers to earn bonuses for bringing friends and acquaintances. For example, a casino can make an individual registration link, for the use of which both invitee and referrer will receive free spins.

Pay attention to search engine optimization

Main online casino traffic is provided by clicks on search engine results, for example on Yahoo or Google. For this reason, SEO is important for the gambling platform, meaning that one needs to analyze traffic regularly, thoroughly draft themed queries, and follow contextual trends.

Promote your website on social media

Registering a page on all popular social networks helps to find potential customers, attract attention of players, and boost brand recognition. Pages should contain themed content about online casinos and gambling. The moderator should not forget to communicate with users and use meta tags.

Adopt innovations and regularly update gambling content

The more games and slot machines with the newest graphics are available on the website, the more likely the user will stay for long and will not go to another platform. This requires making regular updates and adding new features (mobile versions of sites, live casino). No less important is to expand the assortment with new games and slot machines.

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