How to get casino traffic: recommendations for beginners

How to get casino traffic: recommendations for beginners

At first glance, online casino seems to be a simple business. However, much effort is needed to sustain it, especially when it comes to the search for the target audience. In this article, you will find five recommendations as to how to get online casino traffic.

Affiliate programs

The Internet offers many different services, where you can buy traffic for online casino. Collaboration with affiliate programs, which successfully make money and help others to profit, brings good results in this field. The collaboration mainly implies the placement of teasers, banners, pop-unders, and contextual advertising by the affiliate.

There are several affiliate payment models such as cost per sale and cost per action. In the first case, the reward is a percentage from every sale of the advertised product. In the second case, money is paid for the fulfillment of a certain action, for example, following a link to the website, filling in the registration form, subscription to the newsletter, etc. It can also be referred to as pay per action.

The advantage of buying traffic is the fact that you see the results on the first day and can increase the traffic volume in any order that is comfortable for you. The disadvantage is that you need to make significant investments from the start and have to learn filtrating poor-quality platforms by bitter experience.

Social media traffic

Social networking sites are often used for promotion and online casinos are not an exception. Social media pages can become an additional source of traffic. Depending on your target audience, you can build an optimal strategy for the promotion of pages, which will allow bringing active traffic to your website. Interesting articles, news, recommendations – all of it increases the number of subscribers, any of whom may be a potential customer.

The research conducted by Smart Insights shows that most of the English-speaking audience accounts for Facebook (41%), Twitter (30%), and Pinterest (20%).

Building doorways

Doorway traffic can be called one of the best options. Doorway pages are designed to rank highly for the required keyword. For this purpose, you have to collect low-frequency keyword queries (the optimal number is around 100 thousand) and to create a page for every query, adapted for one specific keyword. However, you should take into account that the gambling niche is considered highly competitive, so you should take the search for queries seriously.

Sending email newsletters

Email newsletters are an old but efficient tool. In order to personalize emails, you should integrate the mailing service with the CRM system. In such a way, you will receive the required customer data. Use of this information in emails will help you to create highly personalized texts, which is appreciated by users. If you doubt you can manage this task on your own, turn for help to a professional email-marketing specialist.

Participation in industry-specific and educational events

All users live offline: you should not ignore this fact when building a marketing strategy. Online casino players are usually open to communication with representatives of the platform – such interaction is possible on different gambling festivals, seminars, and exhibitions. Participation in industry-specific events can boost brand recognition, and help to look for new customers and partners.

Hosting webinars is another popular customer acquisition method. The audience actively responds to educational materials, especially in the online mode.

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